Reach Out: Maximizing Engagement and Accessibility on a Tight Budget (Professional Development for YTC Members)


Webinar 1-An Introduction to Disability Access & Accommodations for Nonprofits, presented by Tim Fuchs, November 2016

  • The Access and Accommodations webinar assisted Collaborative members to gain the following skills and resources:
    • Identify common access and accommodation requests for people with a wide variety of disabilities
    • Prepare for and provide access and accommodations to people with disabilities
    • Identify and avoid common barriers to the provision of access and accommodations 
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Webinar 2-Youth Outreach & Engagement, presented by Kings Floyd, Youth Transitions Fellow, & Keri Gray, USBLN, November 2016

  • The Youth Engagement webinar assisted Collaborative members in learning:
    • The historical and modern day contributions of young people in professional settings
    • Common characteristics found in Generation Y and Z (Generation ADA) that are relevant to employers
    • How to recruit youth for internships/employment opportunities as well as increase youth participation at organizational events
    • How to utilize social media in a general sense and additionally as a means to engage young people
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Webinar 3-A Beginner’s Guide to Fundraising in a Small Nonprofit, presented by Danielle Cameron, National Health Foundation, December 2016

  • The Fundraising webinar assisted Collaborative members in gaining the following skills and resources:
    • Identify and understand the types of fundraising and development strategies common for small nonprofits
    • Understand the pros and cons of common fundraising strategies
    • Explain the importance of relationship-building and a network for fundraising and development
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Webinar 4-Communications & Social Media, presented by Eleanor Canter, NCIL, December 2016

  • The Communications webinar assisted Collaborative members in learning:
    • Tips for an effective communications strategy
    • How to make an organizational commitment to communications and access
    • How to effectively assess your communications
    • How to create and implement a communications plan
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