Advisory Councils and Committees

Youth Transitions Collaborative Leadership Council

The Youth Transitions Collaborative is guided by a Leadership Council of senior executives within the Collaborative. The purpose of this advisory group is to provide experienced leaders who can guide programming, preserve the organizational culture through turnover of staff, and act as advocates and spokespeople for the Collaborative and the National Youth Transitions Center. In addition, the Council assists the Collaborative by inviting and hosting influential speakers, researchers, advocates, media representatives and policy makers. Other specific responsibilities include reviewing the results of the annual evaluation of collaborative efforts, inviting experts to present best practices related to transitions to the YTC community, and bringing policymakers to the YTC to inform them of transition issues.

For a list of current members of the Youth Transitions Collaborative Leadership Council, click here.

Youth Transitions Collaborative Program Advisory Committee

The Program Advisory Committee brings together a diverse group of stakeholders who provide insightful, strategic recommendations for the Youth Transitions Collaborative (YTC), its ongoing activities, and its policies and procedures. The Committee ensures that Collaborative members, youth and young people with disabilities, families and community members all have a strong voice in determining the direction of the YTC.

The Committee fulfills its purpose by fostering and enhancing communications within the YTC; representing and advocating for constituencies of the YTC; advising and making recommendations on existing and proposed policies and procedures; and providing a forum for discussing YTC’s progress and development in providing services in the following focus areas:

  • Youth Development and Leadership
  • Career Exploration and Development
  • Family Supports and Advocacy
  • Research and Evaluation

For a list of current members of the YTC Program Advisory Committee, click here.