National Youth Transitions Center

The National Youth Transitions Center (NYTC) exists because of a fundamental conviction: The Future Needs Everyone.  It thrives because it brings together individuals and organizations that share this commitment and want to multiply their impact.  We realize we are stronger together.

Rendering of the National Youth Transitions CenterAs a result, the NYTC is both a physical structure and the embodiment of a mission: to be a collaborative learning community to benefit youth and young people with disabilities. The Center, a seven-story building located in the midst of a university campus in Washington, D.C., is dedicated to the youth transitions field. It houses multiple tenants who have a successful track record of making a difference in the lives of young people with disabilities.

The National Youth Transitions Center offers access to three conference spaces to members of the Youth Transitions Collaborative, partners of the NYTC, and other organizations that offer transitions-related programming. To reserve space, click here.

The NYTC was born from an initiative developed by The HSC Foundation, a foundation dedicated to improving access to services for individuals facing social and health care barriers due to disability, chronic illness, or other circumstances. The HSC Foundation realized the critical importance of timely intervention for transitioning youth and young adults with disabilities and developed The National Youth Transitions Center as a result.

The NYTC has ensured its relevance and impact by developing the Youth Transitions Collaborative, whose 45+ members provide the Center with expertise and advice on planning, programming and advocacy. The primary force behind NYTC's work, the Collaborative is "stronger together" in their efforts to help youths find self-directed paths to adulthood and employment.

NYTC is the nerve center for the Youth Transitions Collaborative, which is steadily expanding its role in coordinating and strengthening the related efforts of many organizations. Through NYTC's efforts, the future will open up for every young person, because the future does need us all.

For a list of Youth Transitions Collaborative Members, click here.