Transition Videos

The following resources were developed with the support of the National Youth Transitions Center Program Advisory Committee.  To learn more about the Program Advisory Committee, see:

Transition Videos:

Are you or a family member planning for a major life transition, such as graduating from high school or looking for a job? We know this can be an overwhelming time, filled with questions and concerns.  Whatever your needs, there are resources available to help you navigate the transition process, and our goal is to help you find them.

These videos share the successful transition process for two individuals – while their challenges were quite different, there are a lot of common elements to their stories that you will find familiar as well. The videos were created by the Treatment and Learning Centers and GMMB, in partnership with the National Youth Transition Center to provide advice and encouragement to families embarking on the transition journey. We hope you will explore the resources found on this site to find the support that you need.

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